I came to the Netherlands in July 2018 with Orientation Year Visa. My experience dealing with this search year visa can be found in this link.

This visa is valid for one year. During a year, we are eligible to work full time in Netherlands without limitation.

What should we do after a year and we still want to stay in the Netherlands?

There are two answers for this question. First, getting the Highly Skilled Migrant Visa. Second, have a relationship or get married with Dutch or any other European citizen and process the residence permit for Spouse, Registered or Unmarried partner. I will share the second option in my next article.

Highly Skilled Migrant Visa

This is the visa that is given to foreign nationals (non EU citizen) who still want to work and live in the Netherlands. Before our Orientation Year Visa is expired, we need to contact our employer to be our sponsor and submit the form for Highly Skilled Migrant Visa. It will be relatively easy if our employer is listed as a sponsor in IND (the list can be checked here). It means they often do it and already know how the process is.

My Orientation year Visa was expired in July 2019. In the beginning of April, I already confirmed to the HR Department in my company to process my Highly Skilled Migrant Visa. They filled the form with all related personnel information and attached all required documents. I only had to sign and check that the information given in the form is correct. In the first week of May, they submitted the form online to IND.

After 10 days IND confirmed that the visa is granted and I would need to collect my new residence permit. The format of the residence permit card is just the same, only the type of residence status information is different.

The validity of the permit depends on the contract period given by our employer. The permit is valid for the same length of time as our employment contract. If we have an indefinite contract, then the visa is valid for five years. We can extend/ renew again after five years or process the Dutch Permanent residence status.

unnamed (1)

Simulation and Training at work


What do we need to know about Highly Skilled Migrant Visa?

There are two conditions related to this visa. First, coming to the Netherlands specifically to work with this type of Visa. Second, continuing from Orientation Year Visa.

The salary requirements for these two conditions are a bit different, although, the list of sponsor from IND remains the same and the employer need to apply on our behalf.

In 2019, the minimum monthly gross salary for a highly skilled migrant age 30 or older is EUR 4,500. For migrants under age 30, the minimum monthly gross salary is EUR 3,299.

Because I continued from Orientation Year Visa, the minimum monthly gross salary is EUR 2,364. The amounts are indexed every year for inflation and do not include vacation pay (usually 8% of annual salary).

However if we are going to work as a scientific researcher or a medical doctor undertaking specialist training, these amounts don’t apply and we only have to earn the Dutch minimum wage. Per Januari 2019, the Dutch minimum wage is EUR 1,615.80 per month.

What if we change job and employer?

We need to inform our old and new employer to notify IND.

Old employer must inform the IND within 28 days about the termination of the employee’s contract by filling out a notification form. And the new employer must be a recognised sponsor and must inform the IND within 28 days about the new hire.

What if we resign and haven’t got a new job?

All highly skilled migrants are given three months to find a new job without the risk of losing the permit.

My suggestion is better to start directly working with IND recognised sponsor/ employer when we first come with Orientation Year Visa. Therefore, the process to change the residence permit into Highly Skilled Migrant Visa will run well at the end.

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‘Borrel’ in office cafeteria; This is a Dutch tradition to gather and have a drink with colleagues after work every Friday. Normally, ‘Borrel’ is held in the office building.



9 thoughts on “The Netherlands Highly Skilled Migrant Visa

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  2. Hi Zakki!

    Great post! I am moving to Netherlands too. Waiting for the orientation visa. May I ask you where did you find your current job? LinkedIn?


    • Hi Dana!
      Good luck!
      Yes, from LinkedIn Jobs. I mostly use LinkedIn Jobs to search for vacancies. Sometimes from Indeed or go directly to the company career website.


  3. Halo Zakki,

    how are you?

    Saya punya pengalaman yang hampir sama dan mau tny2 🙂

    saya lulus dari same alumni Leeds juga tahunn 2015 🙂 long time ago! dan skrg di Amsterdam dengan zoekjaar visa juga.

    mau tanya skrg Zakki kerja dmn ya? and was it difficult to find a job in Netherlands?

    Thank you


    • Hi Marcel,

      I’m great thanks. Semoga kamu juga baik.
      Oh, that’s great. I miss Leeds!
      Saya sekarang kerja di Applied Medical, Europe HQ. Tapi per Januari 2020 saya akan pindah ke Philips.

      Difficult itu relatif ya, kalo competitive iya. Semua tergantung usaha kan. Good luck!


      • Hi Zakki, Yes I miss Leeds too 🙂
        ah uda mau pindah lagi? sorry mau tny lebih lanjut, kalo pindah gtu, visanya di urusin lagi sama philips? atau gimana?

        it is quite confusing and stressful especially this type of visa 😦


      • Hi Marcel,

        Sekarang visa gue ‘Highly Skilled Migrant’. Jadi setelah Orientation Year Visa expired, company akan sponsor dan proses visa menjadi Highly Skilled Migrant Visa.

        Karena kontrak kerja gue udah permanen, maka Highly Skilled Migrant gue berlaku 5 tahun (bisa diperpanjang). Ketika gue pindah perusahaan, maka perusahaan yang baru (harus terdaftar di sponsor list) cuma perlu kontak IND untuk memberitahu jika mereka employer yang baru (tidak perlu proses ulang).

        Gue juga tulis artikel tentang visa ini di blog, bisa dibaca..

        Liked by 1 person

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