Graduated from the university outside of the Netherlands, having a Master’s Degree from one of the top 200 universities in the world is the right way to get a chance to work full time in this country and secure a career in Europe.

Netherlands’ Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) which is the part of Ministry of Justice and Security uses the top 200 of one of the general ranking lists or in the top 200 of one of the available ranking lists by subject based on the lists from THE/ QS/ ARWU.

It may be easy for they are who graduated from Dutch Institutions because after graduation they can directly apply but for they are who graduated abroad, it is quite a task to prepare the documents for an administrative purpose. However, getting this highly educated person status and earning the visa does not take long. In total, I got a visa for 1,5 months.

I graduated in 2017 from the University of Leeds in the UK and the university is ranked top 100 globally. I write about my journey to study there with a full scholarship here.


Parkinson Building, University of Leeds

While getting a working visa (tier-2) sponsorship for an international is very hard in the UK, the Netherlands is very open and the process is not complicated. I started by doing the credential evaluation for my certificate through this official website. It is one of the requirements if we graduate from the international institution outside the Netherlands. In 2018, the cost of the credential evaluation is € 148,83 for the regular process (completed in four weeks) and € 212,96  for the urgent process (completed in two weeks time). I decided to do an urgent process. All information concerning Orientation Year visa can be found here.

Making an appointment to process the Orientation Year visa is not the same as a Tourist visa. For people from the countries who need a Schengen visa to enter Europe, we need to process it through VFS agent. However, Orientation Year visa is processed directly in the embassy. So I made an appointment to make an MVV. MVV is the sticker that will be placed in the passport and will be used to enter the Netherlands. MVV is valid for 90 days and during that time we can collect Orientation Year visa which is in the form of a Residence Permit Card when we arrive in the country. Even though I hold the Indonesian Passport, I am allowed to book an appointment at the Netherland’s Embassy in London, as I was staying in the UK at that time. I sent the email first to the consular officer and they sent the link to book the time and date. For other Dutch Embassies, Consulates or Representations in other countries can be checked here.

I filled the application form which is provided online on the website and it turned out the Dutch Embassy in London gave me the different forms and had to fill them directly there. So basically, I just brought the evidence documents to the embassy. All information about the documents needed is listed here. The credential evaluation from Nuffic was sent to my address exactly in two weeks time. It is just the translation of my English certificate to the Dutch language with an official stamp. All other documents are allowed to be in English, French or German. If we are graduated from the institution which uses English as the taught language, there is no need to provide an IELTS/ TOEFL certificate.

On the day of my appointment, I brought these documents with me: the copies of Passport; Credential Evaluation; Original Master’s Degree Certificate; The documentary evidence showing that my educational institution was the top 200 of THE, QS and ARWU list; Biometric photos. I then filled the registration form, including the form to undergo a Tuberculosis (TB) test (people from some of the countries such as Australia, USA and UK are exempt from the obligation to take the TB test). Then the embassy gave me the V-number which was used to complete the information in the form.

Apparently, the embassy is just responsible for taking our biometric photos, fingerprints and providing the V-number. We must send all these copies of documents by post to IND address in the Netherlands, including the evidence that we have paid the fee. I was lucky to pay € 285 as it was changed in the 4th of May 2018, right in the day I had the appointment. Before that, it was € 641. I transferred the fee to IND account using the reference number that was given by the embassy as the notes.

I waited around three weeks until IND sent me an email, informing that they already approved my application, granted the visa and sent the decision information to the embassy in London. I was allowed collecting the MVV Sticker in the embassy. I made an appointment again to collect the sticker to be put on my passport. The MVV sticker is valid since the day we pick it up from the embassy but the Orientation Year visa will be valid from the day we enter the Netherlands. I informed the IND through email about my plan to enter the country on a specific date so that my visa would be started on the day of my arrival.

After arriving in the Netherlands, I picked my Residence Permit Card from the IND desk in Rotterdam. We can choose where to collect it from seven IND desks (Amsterdam, Den Bosch, Eindhoven, Den Haag, Utrecht, Zwolle, Rotterdam) when we fill the form. But the process has not finished yet. After I received the card, I had to register myself with the local municipality in the area where I would stay to get the citizen service number (BSN). As I stay in Leiden, and the town has its own expat centre to process the registration, I then made an appointment through the expat centre in Leiden. It was just a short interview with the officers, asking about my motivation to move to the Netherlands, why I stay in Leiden, etc. They still asked about my birth certificate in the Dutch Language and I did not have it as that was not part of the requirements for Orientation Year Visa. However, they gave me the BSN number at the end.

unnamed (8)

Leiden Wind Mill, Molen De Valk

unnamed (5)

Leiden Wind Mill, Molen De Put

Two other necessary actions after collecting the Residence Permit and registering with the local municipality are taking TB test and paying for health insurance. TB test is conducted in the Area Health Authority (GGD) and should be done within 3 months after having received the residence permit. Health Insurance is necessary to be paid within four months after arrival in the country. Different from the free service in the UK, Dutch people pay for their health insurance. This website can be used to compare the total cost to be paid monthly.

Another important thing as an expat in the Netherlands is having a Digital Identification (DigiD). DigiD is used to access many services and government websites, including health insurance registration. The DigiD can be requested online for free in here.

unnamed (9)

Together with other expats in Leiden for the ‘Kick-Off Leiden’ Programme, August 2018

In summary, there are five steps to apply for the Netherlands Orientation Year Visa if we graduate from the top 200 international universities: Getting the Credential Evaluation from Nuffic; Visiting Dutch Embassy/ Consulate/ Representations for information collection; Paying the fee and sending the required documents to IND in the Netherlands; Collecting the MVV sticker from the embassy; Travelling to the Netherlands. Then there are four more steps after we arrive in the country: Collecting the Residence Permit from the IND desk; Registering to the local municipality; Taking the TB test; Paying the health insurance.

Holding the Orientation Year visa means that we are eligible to work full time in the country without restriction. It is valid for one year. Before it ends, if we still want to stay and work in the Netherlands, we can apply for other types of visa such as the Highly Skilled Migrant visa. The process is almost the same with Orientation Year but there are more specific requirements such as the amount of salary and working status recognition from official sponsors that are registered in the IND. The public register recognised sponsors for the highly skilled migrant visa can be found here.

My journey in the country that colonised Indonesia for 126 years has just begun and I still do not know what lies ahead but I believe this is the right decision I made after leaving the UK.

unnamed (6)


(I have posted another article about a few fundamental things as a reference to stay in the Netherlands in this link. As I have changed my visa scheme to the Highly Skilled Migrant Visa, I’ve also written about it in here)

95 thoughts on “The Netherlands Orientation Year Visa

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  2. Hi Zakki,

    Thank you for this very informative blog!

    One question though for the Nuffic evaluation, I went through their website and it says if you have a master’s degree, you need to submit additional documents as well as such as:
    – A copy of the bachelor diploma, as issued by the educational institute.
    -Acopy of the list of results that goes with it, as issued by the educational institute
    -If necessary, a copy of a sworn translation of the aforementioned documents.

    Is this the case for you or you only submitted your master’s degree to get the Nuffic evaluation?
    Your response is much appreciated!



    • Hi Alex,

      So sorry for the late reply. Yes, we need to also submit our Bachelor’s certificate and transcript (translated to Dutch or English if they’re in foreign language).


      • No worries. Got my evalution letter a few days ago! Do you have any tips for job hunting in the Netherlands? Went through a few blogs and people (non EU expats for particular) seemed to find it very challenging. This finding makes me worried about the process! Appreciate if you have any tips for that!


      • Congrats! Getting a job is quite competitive but still, so many vacancies for internationals who don’t speak Dutch. Just apply as many as you can. I mainly applied through LinkedIn/ LinkedIn Jobs and recruiters normally search potential candidates also by LinkedIn. I spent for about 2 months for interview etc, until I got my current job. My other two friends with Orientation Year Visa got job after 3 months, also got info from LinkedIn. Make sure the companies are in ‘Public Sponsor for Highly Skilled Migrant Visa’ if you want to extend your stay after a year. My company is processing my Visa to Highly Skilled Migrant now. This sponsor information is available in IND page. Good Luck!


      • Thank you! Job hunting is a challenge in general but for this case, I’ll take notes of what you just advised. Also, I’m sure you have heard about the 30% tax ruling for expats. It is common there and are you part of the scheme too?


      • 30% tax ruling is valid for people who move to NL because of the job invitation from a company, or reside and have a job abroad before getting an offer from a company. In my case, because I have already stayed in NL for two months before getting an offer, it’s not valid for me.


  3. Hello Zakki and Alex,

    I’m also planning for my orientation year in Netherlands and I am at the first step. I am going to submit the documents for the evaluation by email. I wonder if I can attach the transcript, or do I really need to ask my university to send IDW the hard-copy one. And does the transcript serve as the list of subjects for my study? Thank you for the useful information in the blog.



    • Hi Nicolas,

      In my experience, it’s enough to just send the scanned copy via email for credential evaluation. There is no related activity with the Uni, all we can do by ourselves. The transcript means the list of subjects that you have studied and normally it includes score in each subject.


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  5. Hello Zaki,

    Thank you for the amazing and informative write up.
    I submitted my application via Dutch embassy here in India on 14th Feb and recently posted the documents and transferred the fee.

    In your experience, staying with other mates on orientation year, how much time do they take to grant the visa? I know IND has to make a decision in 90 days but I wondering if there is a sort of pattern for granting the orientation visa…

    Thank you.


    • Hi Shahruq,
      Glad to know that it’s helpful. I have three friends with Orientation Year Visa. They applied from Japan, Indonesia and one extended from Dutch Student Visa in Netherlands. They got response from IND between 3 weeks until 1 month.


      • Thanks for the swift response Zakki! One more question… Do you get any kind of confirmation via email when IND receives the documents via post and when the fee is transferred to them?

        I haven’t received one. Do you think, I should contact them or just wait for atleast a month to pass by?


      • I didn’t get any confirmation after I paid the fee or when they received my documents. I also didn’t send them email or call them to confirm.
        I received the IND email when they granted the visa, asking me to collect MVV sticker in the embassy. Then that’s the time when I contacted the embassy to make an appointment.
        That’s up to you, really. But I think give them time to process the payment or sort out your documents.
        All the best!


    • Hey man ,
      I have also been trying to apply for Orientation visa , I want to Mumbai CG, they didn’t know much more about it and I had filled MVV for only and Submitted all supporting documents required for this visa . I don’t have V-NUMBER yet neither I got my passport. I also haven’t done any process with IND since I don’t have V number from Embassy.

      However, the lady who took my biometric said you should be able to collect your passport in week . Now i am confused about it since I have paid any fee to IND ans have not completed any other process with IND .

      Do you mind writing down your Indian process PLEASE.




      • Hi,

        Based on what you mentioned is you only processed the MVV sticker in your passport. MVV is only used to enter the Netherlands, it’s like travelling sticker. This is not the visa.
        I didn’t do it in India, I did it in the UK but I guess the process is the same. We submit all documents needed for the Visa directly to the IND, not to the embassy. The embassy will only take our biometric and fingerprints then put the MVV sticker to our passport. Then we need to collect the actual residence card once we arrive in the Netherlands in IND desk. They should also give you your v-number as this is important as a reference for you to get your identity number.


    • Hey ,
      I have submitted MVV application at embassy mumbai and they haven’t ask me for anything else. I rekon it is necessary to have V number for filling out form with IND and to pay the fee.

      However I don’t have any V number yet , and lady who took my biometric told me that I will get my passport in about a week.

      I am confused now , am I doing it properly or not or do I have to complete other process as well.

      Can you please write down your experience at Netherlands embassy in India.



      • If you read the article in this blog, if you follow the written official procedure then I guess that’s correct. My suggestion is just wait for your passport first and confirm to your local embassy.
        Or may be Shahruq also can advise you.


      • Hey man, thanks .
        I have been in contact with them , in offical website they said “I will receive letter and instructions from Dutch embassy about how to pay fee ” . I still haven’t got it.

        Can you tell me did you got that letter while you were applying for MVV . How long did it take to get that instructions letter and other forms?


      • Hi,
        So when I went to the embassy, they already noticed that I’m applying for the ‘Orientation Year Visa’, even though when we make appointment to the embassy, we should make an appointment for MVV. What I did in the embassy was:
        1. filling the ‘Orientation Year Visa form’, giving the copy of my documents, taking fingerprints and biometric photo.
        2. In one of the forms of ‘Orientation Year Visa’ form is the instruction about how to pay for the visa, including bank account number of IND and the total amount that we need to pay. In the form, there’s also IND address in Netherlands to send our documents by post. This can be done parallel.
        3. To pay the money, embassy will give us the V-number (which take them about few hours) and they sent me an email to inform me the number.

        I don’t understand why they have such a different process in India. They supposed to provide you all the forms and information when you went there. MVV is just your permit to enter the country and it has to be 90 days since they put it in your passport. My concern is if you don’t complete your ‘Orientation Year Visa’ process within that 90 days, then you will need to apply for MVV again.
        It’s not depend on the Dutch Embassy to approve your Visa submission, it’s IND in the Netherlands.


      • Thanks you very much ,

        I think they don’t understand the whole procedure, they didn’t ask for anything else rather they asked me whether I know the procedure or not . I told them that I need V Number to process further with IND .

        In another mail , they told me I will get all necessary form and Instructions at the time if receiving passport.
        Well let’s see , I will aslo bring all paperwork (Orientation year form) to ask then weather I need to submit it or not .

        I will let you know

        Thank you


    • Hey shahruq ,

      I am also applying from India .
      However I am bit confused now .
      I applied with MVV form at embassy and they took my passport and biometrics.and told me that I will be able to get my passport after a week.

      I haven’t got V- number from them , how am I supposed to send documents to IND and pay fee without unique number?

      Can you please write you Indian experience and how did you proceed it.


      • I’m assuming that officers in Dutch Embassy in India don’t really understand what ‘Orientation Year Visa’ and how the process is. Notes that this is not MVV Visa, MVV is just sticker to enter the country. what’s needed is the specific ‘Orientation Year’ Visa form. I think they just did procedures for an MVV. Because getting a V-number is just a matter of system and you will get it in less than 12 hours.
        My suggestion is write down all steps explained in IND official website (mentioned in my article) and show it to the officers.
        I guess it’will be great if you provide them will all information and documents (including credential evaluation from Nuffic).


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  7. Hey Zakki,

    Thank you for the detailed explanation on the process. However, I do have a question regarding accommodation. I understand that registration at the local municipality requires you to have an address in the Netherlands. I heard that it is fairly difficult or almost impossible to obtain a room or an apartment without having a job contract.

    Could you tell me about your journey in obtaining accommodation in the Netherlands?


  8. Hey man,

    Many thanks for the article, it was very helpful and a joy to read.
    I do have a question though:

    Do you think a civil engineering fresh graduate will be able to find a job there? I did a master’s in Leeds as well, however my only experiences are a few internships and part time jobs, so do you think it would be very difficult?

    Also another question: Did you try to get a part time job there? Is it difficult to find even a part-time job there if you dont speak dutch?

    Thanks for the help.


    • Hi!

      I think most of the companies in the Netherlands also count internship as work experience. I have couple of fresh graduate friends who already worked with the visa here, even though it’s still a lower position in the company, joining through an agency, or having a job that is not in line with their study background.

      I didn’t do part time job here in the Netherlands. If you work in Amsterdam, as it is full of tourists, some of them also hire the English/ non-dutch speakers.


  9. Hi Zakki,

    Thanks for uploading such an informative article.

    I have just received positive confirmation from the IND for my orientation year visa and I have booked an appointment with the Dutch Embassy, Delhi to collect my MVV sticker.

    I have few queries as I was reading your article and it will be really helpful from your side if you could answer them. As, you have mentioned that after you have entered the Netherlands, you booked an appointment with local council to receive your BSN and was also asked to submit the birth certificate in the Dutch language. However, I have my birth certificate in English, will it work for them?

    Also, how is your experience till yet working and living in the Netherlands? Does the recruiter and job search companies play a major role in getting the appropriate job in a particular field?

    Thanking you in advance for your help.

    Harsh Saxena


    • Hi Harsh,

      I think I wrote that for my experience, they didn’t ask for a Dutch Bitch Certificate as this is not mandatory.
      This is not about the translation, it’s about the legalisation from the Dutch government. It’s called Apostille.

      I had few interviews with recruitment agency, they also can help with commission fee from the company or they deduct your salary. It truly depends on the opportunities, really!
      But personally, I would suggest to just apply directly to the company.


    • Hey Harsh ,
      I hope you are doing well in Netherlands.

      Can you please tell me how log did it take you to get confirmation email.

      When did you submit application to IND and when did you get the confirmation.

      I did applied on 12 June , still waiting.



  10. So new point ,. You can directly send form , documents and payment details to IND via email , will save time .

    I sent post but they also said I can sent email of scanned copies of filled forms .



  11. Hi Zakki, great to hear about your experience in the Netherlands. I’m Roma from the Philippines, currently applying for the orientation year visa. Based on your experience, would it be helpful to include in my CV/resume that I would need company sponsorship later on? This way, I’d be able to weed out the companies that aren’t genuinely interested to do so, thus saving precious time and resources. And another question — How much money would you recommend someone on an orientation year visa to bring with him/her to the Netherlands, taking account of the risks you faced? Appreciate hearing your thoughts!


    • It’s entirely up to you.
      But you also can filter the companies by checking the registered sponsor for highly skilled migrant visa. It means they already have experience dealing with international employees and visa matters.
      In my case, I didn’t write my visa status on my CV. I only mentioned this when I had the interview with the recruiters/ hiring managers.

      About the savings, it’s very relative. It depends on where you live, what you eat, your life style. Living in the big city like Amsterdam is very expensive. You can start looking the house/ flat rent websites in the Hague as a reference. Food also varies; you still can get food for 3 euros.

      However, public transportation/ train is quite expensive, you can open NS website:
      https://www.ns.nl/en and put destination there as a reference.


  12. Hi Zakki,

    Hope you are doing well and enjoying your life in NL.

    Just to clear one thing, regarding the credential evaluation, should we need to send the documents and filled form to Nuffic both by post and email or only by email only ?

    Thank you


  13. Urgent: Did you get the ban no. Without rental contract? I heard it from Reddit that if you have a work permit , like our ones, we get ban without the need of accommodation registration. Is that true? What did they ask you for BSN? I am looking for accommodation, and 80 percentage say “no registration possible”. And is it possible to start and give interviews for jobs without bsn, but provide them just before the start date?


    • That is true. BSN number is processed in the city/ area where you reside. They don’t necessarily ask for rent contract, as long as you can prove that you live in that area. I gave my friend a statement that they’re staying with me, and they got BSN number. So may be a reference from hotel/ bnb/ accommodation is sufficient enough. You can ask expat center.

      That is silly if they reject you for an interview without BSN number, they don’t even ask for that. It makes sense when you get accepted, because to open a bank account where your salary will be transferred to, then you need BSN number.


  14. Hey!

    Your post is really helpful and really accurate. I am in the first stage of the process of the credential evaluation and I am not sure if I have to send both, my bachelor and master diploma. I already have the transcription from my bachelor diploma from Spanish to English by an accredited translator. From your experience, did you also send both documents?

    I also studied in Leeds and I graduated in 2017, so do you think that after almost 1.8 years my request would be affected?

    Thank you! 🙂


    • Hi Alberto,

      Thank you for visiting this blog and your kind comment. Yes, I sent these following documents that are required from them back then:
      1. The completed application form
      2. Diploma and transcript from University of Leeds, 2017 to be evaluated
      3. Bachelor’s diploma and transcript (Original & Sworn Translation)
      4. Valid Passport
      5. Diploma and transcript from the secondary school — I didn’t translate this to English, still in original language.

      Good luck!


  15. Hi Zakki,

    Thank you very much for such an informative post! I am actually starting at LSE this year for my second Masters (first one was at UCL) and I was planning on applying for the orientation year visa next year (just planning ahead)!

    I wanted to know, is it okay to apply for jobs as and when you are applying for the orientation year visa or are you only allowed to do so after? Also, is it incredibly hard to find jobs? Do they also look at degree subjects or is it like the UK where your subject of study does not matter as much as your application and degree classification does?

    Thank you so much once again! 😀


    • Hi!
      In my experience, I started the recruitment process before I received my orientation year visa, but I was already in the process. So I was in the UK when I had my interview with the hiring managers in Netherlands.
      However, our chance to get an offer will be much bigger if we already reside in the Netherlands. Companies here also prefer to have interview by person, instead of call/ video. But first interview is normally done by phone by a recruiter.

      I think it’s a bit different than UK, education background and experience are important here. Score like 2:1/2:2/ Merit/ Distinction doesn’t matter.

      Good luck!


  16. Hi, I’m from Nigeria and I graduated recently from the university of Glasgow uk. Though I’ve returned home as I ddnt hear about this visa class until today.
    I wanted to ask if you were required in anyway to show proof of funds in your account or proof of secured accommodation?


    • Hi,
      No. We don’t need to provide a copy of bank statement or any documentation related to funding.
      Proof of accommodation is not needed to get the visa granted. However, your address in Netherlands (temporary is also acceptable) is required to get the BSN number.


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  18. Hello zaky, I seem to have a challenge registering for the first time for credential evaluation through the link you gave here. I am being asked a BSN (Burger Service Number). It’s clearly stated under this BSN box that “You received this number from the Dutch government if you are registered as an inhabitant or refugee” but I don’t know why it won’t let me proceed.
    I can’t complete my registration after imputing my email, and a password.. do u still remember this step? I’m just starting cos I just received my certificate from the university of Glasgow by post as I couldn’t wait for the official graduation.


  19. HI Zakki, thank you very much for your post.

    I am looking at the information for asking for the Orientation visa now. I’d like to ask whether we could contact via LinkedIn, just in case I need to ask you some more information. If yes, this is my LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/linh-dinh-2310/

    Many thanks in advance.
    Kind regards,


  20. Hey , thanks for your guide , I have successfully completed my visa and moving to Amsterdam soon .

    Just one query about birth certificate, I believe Municipal ask for birth certificate which music have to be apostille, buy you mentioned that you don’t have one in Dutch language or Internationally recognize and still got registered for BSN.

    I am quite confuse how can you please elaborate what did they said when they asked you about birth certificate please.



    • Hi,

      This really depends on the municipality and the people who provide the service. I can say that any administrative procedure in the Netherlands is really subjective. It really depends on the mood of the officer.
      I was lucky that Leiden is quite a modern municipality which handle a lot of expat issues, so they’re not really difficult.
      My advise is just do the translation/ apostille for your birth certificate to avoid any delay or difficulties while you’re still at your home country.


  21. HI Zakki, thank you so much for the info. Did you end up finding work that you wanted while in the Netherlands?

    And how much time do you have between getting your visa and having to go to The Netherlands? 3 months, 6 months, or you have to go immediately?


    • Hi!
      I got a job in the Netherlands after 1,5 months staying here.

      You will just get MVV sticker, put in your passport. The residence permit is collected once you arrive in the Netherlands.
      The MVV sticker is valid for 90 days. You can enter Netherlands in these 90 days. However, if you don’t tell the IND officer the exact date when you will arrive in the Netherlands, the Visa will be also valid since the day the MVV sticker is put in your passport.


  22. Hi Zakki,
    Thank you for such informative post.
    I’m going through the credential evaluation step. I paid for the urgent evaluation and sent all the documents by email last week.But I haven’t received any confirmation email from them. Did you receive one and how long did it take?

    Thanks a lot!


    • Hi Claire,
      That’s exactly the same situation happened to me, they didn’t confim. I think this is also the typical of Dutch administration culture; even when you’re already here; no confirmation.

      I did sent couple of emails to them after a week time and still got no reply. I didn’t send email again after that. Then the letter just came to my address. 😀


  23. Hi Zakki,

    Salam kenal dari Indonesia. Saya kebetulan akan ke Belanda dalam waktu dekat dengan zoekjaar. Pas di imigrasi bandara Belanda, apakah petugasnya bertanya soal tujuan datang ke Belanda? Saya agak nervous karena kondisinya sekarang ini belum mendapatkan pekerjaan. Saya takut malah akan diinterogasi panjang karena kondisi ini hehe. Terima kasih.


    • Hi Reza,
      Sesuai pengalaman saya dan teman-teman yang lain, biasanya cuma ditanya akan tinggal dimana. Paling-paling rencananya apa. Nggak akan sampai diinterogasi berlebihan kok 😀
      Kita semua yang datang ke Belanda pada awalnya pas masuk di imigrasi rata-rata belum dapat pekerjaan juga.


      • Hi Zakki, thanks for your reply 🙂

        Tapi nyari akomodasi itu memang susah sekali ya. Saya sudah coba beberapa website akomodasi seperti kamernet.nl dan juga join beberapa grup expat di FB tapi masih belum beruntung. Kalau Zakki ada kenalan yang punya kamar untuk disewakan (anywhere in Netherlands) mulai Oktober, boleh direkomendasikan ke saya, I would really appreciate it.

        Anyway, I have added you on LinkedIn, let’s connect! Thanks in advance!


  24. Hi Zakki,

    Thank you for sharing your experience.

    You mentioned that you waited for three weeks to get the confirmation from IND for approval of the visa. Was this 3-week time counted from the date of application?



  25. Hi Zakki,

    Thank you for sharing your experience.

    You mentioned that you waited for three weeks to get positive confirmation from IND. Was the 3-week time counted from the date when you applied through the embassy?



  26. Hi,
    Thank you for your useful information. I am going to apply for Orientation Visa. I have one question: at the first you mentioned that at the first we need to do credential evaluation our Documents using Nuffic, but I wanted to register and apply it online they asked me for BSN number while I can not have this BSN number till I come Netherlands, without BSN how did you do it while you were in the UK? Thanks


    • Hi,
      You can leave the field blank for BSN number. Of course, you won’t get BSN number until you have address to stay in the Netherlands. You will get it from local municipality where you live.


      • So I have to email them to send documents? Or I have register? Kindly may I know exactly which documents needed to send for credentials evaluation? What did you send them?


      • You need to apply for Credential evaluation not for inburgering.

        You can check the website and download the application form in this link:

        In page 5 you will see what documents you need to send. For me, I sent this:
        1. The completed application form
        2. Diploma and transcript from my Master’s Degree
        3. Bachelor’s diploma and transcript (Original & Sworn Translation)
        4. Valid Passport
        5. Diploma and transcript from the secondary school

        You can send the scanned copy via email. The information is in page 7.


  27. Hi
    Thank you for your useful information.
    Can I know how can I have this? “The documentary evidence showing that my educational institution was the top 200 of THE, QS and ARWU list.”


  28. Hi,

    Thank you for the very informative post.

    I have recently completed MSc from the UK and my tier 4 visa is valid until the 1st of February 2020. I am planning to apply for an Orientation visa from the UK. Is it required that my visa in the UK should be valid for more than 90 days to apply for an Orientation visa from here? Am I late now?



    • Hi. Thanks for visiting the blog,
      That’s what I heard. I processed it when I had Tier-2 visa so it’s a bit different. But someone said she called the Dutch embassy in London and that’s what they confirmed.
      In this matter, I think probably you also contact the embassy for confirmation. People experience might be different.


  29. Hi,
    Just to clear on thing regarding the Muncipal registration that has to be done to get BSN number, within what time we should do that ? I mean within how many days we should do that. Also is that possible to register if we are staying temporarily in a room , without registration of room ?


    • Hi,

      Getting BSN is crucial and needs to be done asap. They don’t say how long you should wait to get this, but you mostly can’t do anything without BSN number.
      It’s possible with the letter of statement/ reference from the room owner/ host.


  30. Hi,
    Thanks for the blog, i followed your all process and i have been in the Netherlands for like 3 weeks now. I have applied for the BSN but i was told that the number takes about 4-5 weeks before it can be out. I was surprised because in your blog i saw that it took you 15 minutes. what can i do?


  31. Hi Zakki,
    Many thanks for your article, it is quite useful, but I have a question,
    in the application for the orientation year, it says that one should provide a ‘written declaration’ if special facts and circumstances apply, and that it should be substantiated with as many official means of evidence as possible.
    Does a written declaration mean that I should write a letter, along with the application itself, explaining why my application should be considered when being assessed?
    In other words, did you provide a written declaration with your application? I am no sure about this point.
    Thank you in advance for your reply.


    • Hi Sabina,

      I’m not sure what declaration are you referring to.. because I didn’t write any.
      Did you know what facts and circumstances applied to that written declaration?


  32. Hello Zakki,

    I really appreciate your time and effort you are putting in here to let clarify the doubts of the people applying for orientation year visa.

    I got a positive decision on my orientation year visa and I’m planning to come to the Netherlands in mid of January 2020. So now what I’m actually afraid is that i heard that landlords asks for the payslips or job contract before giving the place for rent. So as we are new to the country and the main moto of the visa is to search for jobs. By reading several blogs i understood that accommodation would be tough to be sorted. So can you tell me whats my best bet where i can find accommodation for the initial stay for about a month. And if i stay at an airbnb is it possible that i can get Municipal registration done by referring to my airbnb address?

    Would appreciate if you suggest me what exactly should i do for accommodation. The problem here is i don’t want to sign contract at any place till i get a job cause i’m not sure where i would end up after getting a job

    And also are there any groups on Facebook or some other websites for the people who came to Netherlands on orientation year visa where we could help eachother.



    • Hi Vishal,

      Thank you for your kind words and congrats on getting your visa. Welcome to the Netherlands!

      Yes, most of the landlords will ask for employment contract. So it will be easy to sort that out once you already got your offer.
      BSN Number is the key for everything, so you will need to get this first. To get this, you will need the proof of address. If you stay at your friend, then your friend can write you statement that you are staying with him/ her and use this as a reference. If you stay in the short term flat/ apt (you can check in many websites, such as kamernet.nl, you can use the contract letter as your reference. Sometimes BNB host can help you with that kind of letter too, I guess you can ask them if they’re willing to help.

      I don’t know about the group, as I sorted everything by myself and I don’t have facebook. But I did visit expat center to ask some matters. Every big town normally have their expat center.


  33. Hi Zakki,
    I found your website while looking for tips for the orientation year visa for the Netherlands and saw you applied for it. It was very useful! But I wanted to ask you something…I plan to move there with my boyfriend in sept but my visa from UK expires in May. Can I still apply for it before and delay the start of the orientation visa until sept?


    • Hi,
      When they approve your application, they will put MVV sticker in your passport. The sticker is used to enter Netherlands within 90 days.
      If you leave in September and apply in May, I guess that’s more than 90 days.

      Normally, after you get the MVV Sticker, the IND officer will send an email asking for the date you will arrive in NL (this is also indicated in application form). Then they will put the validity date of your residence permit according to your communication with them.


      • Thanks for your reply! And once they tell me that the MVV is granted to me I read I need to make an appointment to get it stamped. Can I choose the appointment for whenever? As in a month after or so? Do you know?
        I don’t want my year visa to start a lot early than I’m planning to move there but I’m also I wanna apply to it while still in UK as I feel it will be easier than if I do it back home


      • Ok cool, and the mvv won’t count until it is stamped right on my passport right?
        Let’s say for example I get it approved in March and I don’t get an appointment until April. The mvv start date will be the one on April when it’s stamped right? And from that date I will have 90 days to enter the Netherlands?


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